Oceanman World Championship is the largest international open water swimming competition. Designed by swimmers for swimmers, the project begins in 2015 and has not stopped growing since then. With 20 competitions scheduled for 2020 around the world, Oceanman is much more than an experience. It is the opportunity to participate in something bigger than you, to overcome your limits and to return to the origin of everything, the sea.

Where there are this competitions

We have competitions in countries all around the world of five different continents. We already have a very large community and many swimmers that accompany us in almost all competitions.

To whom?

Man and women who feel passionate for swimming in open water.


500 m children
500 m relay
Spring 1.5 km
Half Ocean Man 5 km
Oceanman 10 km
Ultraoceanman 21 km
Competition calendar

How to register?

To register for any of the races you can go to this link